Gov’t Misplaces John Hinckley’s Neckties (Or So They Claim)

The John Hinckley, Jr. play time hearing resumed this morning following a break for the holidays. Unfortunately, Hinck was not looking his best today, no thanks to his government handlers. From CNN:

Hinckley sat quietly listening to the court testimony Monday. He was wearing a brown sports coat without a tie. Hinckley usually wears a tie to court.

“[Hinckley’s lawyer Barry] Levine made a point of explaining to the judge that the U.S. marshals who escort Hinckley from St. Elizabeths to the federal court house and sit with him during the testimony require him to leave his ties at the court. Levine said no one had been able to locate the ties before the hearing began. ‘No disrespect is meant for the court,’ said Levine.”

They’re playing mind games with you, John! Uncle Sam knows exactly where those ties are! Don’t let ’em win with this pathetic attempt at psychological warfare!

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