Alice in Chains Drinking Game

This game is meant to be played while watching Music Bank, the Alice in Chains video collection.

Take a sip every time…

- Layne Staley rolls his eyes back into his head

- Sean Kinney looks at the camera like he’s Fabio

– Jerry Cantrell and Mike Starr/Mike Inez headbang in unison

- film stock is projected on Layne Staley’s face

- the band appears in Claymation form

Finish your drink every time…


Layne’s goatee is braided

- you see Layne in a floppy leather hat

- a lemur is perched on a band member’s shoulder

- Jerry rocks so hard his hat falls off

– a stuffed animal is shown on fire

Chug an entire beer every time…

– you spot the three-legged dog from the cover of their self-titled album

- a real chimpanzee hugs someone

- a toy chimpanzee causes mayhem/inspires awe

– Jerry uses a guitar other than his white Stratocaster

- Sean plays drums in a trenchcoat

- a child is shown attacking another child with a hammer

Spray your fellow partiers with a nice sudsy brew every time you hear the theme from “Benny Hill” or any time you see a reference to “The Brady Bunch.”

Happy drinking and rock on!

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