All Work And No Work Make Work A Work Work

Q: So, how’s work going?

A: Good. Allow me to expand.

My main focus these days is the Misfits book, the final manuscript of which is due to the publisher in a few months. I feel it’s coming together very well. I feel this tome will honor the band’s story and impact while also offering die-hard fans a smattering of interesting, unexpected revelations. Hopefully the various communities I’m aiming to please/impress will accept it. If not, I can always slink back to snarking on pop culture oddities who don’t deserve it and writing sub-Onion satire.

A more short term project I’ve been working on as of late is an e-book—a brief one, consisting mostly of material I produced in the past four years for publications that no longer exist. Also to be included: expanded versions of one or two of the more interesting blog entries I’ve posted here, and something utterly, disgustingly brand new. I guess you could look at this e-book as a JG2 sampler of sorts. I look it as a way to get some lost work I’m really proud of back out there while also giving you loyalists a chance to support me (yeah, this e-thing will cost money, but not much).

I haven’t contributed anything to in a while, but that’s not for lack of trying. An ensemble player from one of Canada’s most popular comedic television enterprises blew off numerous interview requests early in the year, as did one of the stars of late nineties stoner epic Half Baked not named Dave Chappelle. Similarly, I could only locate one willing participant for a planned oral history of “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.” C’mon, guys, I think I was pretty fair to Ernest Thomas. Gimme a chance.


Right now I’m paying the bills writing copy for a European travel guide. Did you know they don’t really use exclamation points in Sweden? The king banned them or something. Now you know why that girl in Dragon Tattoo was so moody. She couldn’t express herself!

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2 responses to “All Work And No Work Make Work A Work Work”

  1. Linnéa says :

    You’re wrong, Swedes are not moody. I have never been happier. I’m so happy I just want to scream. Yay.

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    Are you sure? It’s hard to tell how you feel without any exclamation points.

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