“Saturday Night Live” Movies I Am Considering Writing

Makin’ Copies: The Richmeister climbs the corporate ladder thanks to his amazing networking skills but falters in his role as CFO when it’s discovered he can literally only say cute variations on other people’s names.

You May Not Touch The Mango: Everyone’s favorite temperamental exotic dancer develops leprosy and struggles with the forced solitude.

Hollywood Minute: The Movie: David Spade spends ninety minutes riffing on Tinseltown’s rich hundred year plus history, zinging a wide range of targets including Fatty Arbuckle, the Spice Girls, and Russ Meyer.

Get Off The Damn Shed: Will Ferrell spends ninety minutes screaming at off-screen children who refuse to climb down from his tool hutch.

Dominican Lou Meets Woodrow: Travy Morgan’s handyman character encounters Tracy Morgan’s homeless character out in the street somewhere and the two have a discussion about a mutual friend (Brian Fellows, Tracy Morgan’s zookeeper character).

Debbie Downer Does Dallas: Sad sack has tons of graphic sex, complains the entire time about unrelated issues.

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2 responses to ““Saturday Night Live” Movies I Am Considering Writing”

  1. Gern Blansten says :

    Way behind on this one because I just started reading your blog, but I think that Dominican Lou/Woodrow piece has potential — I’d watch it.

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    Thanks! I’ll try to fast track it!

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