Unsolicited The Avengers Haiku Review

Okay, we get it
Iron Man loves “Thunderstruck”
What’s on Hulk’s iPod?

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2 responses to “Unsolicited The Avengers Haiku Review”

  1. Kandi the Weight Loss Nut says :

    After watching the new Batman movie yesterday, I’m convinced that The Avengers is the better movie. With the praises and fan boy love that the Batman movie is having, it’s too dark for me personally. I’ve been a Whedon fan since Firefly and love the playfulness in The Avengers.

  2. Most Recently Watched says :

    Great Review! Love the format. Here is my take if you’d like to read: http://mostrecentlywatched.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/theavengers

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