The Ultimate Symbol Of Digital Underground Fandom Could Be Yours

Remember the giant Olmec-style Humpty Hump head from Digital Underground’s “Return of the Crazy One” video? You know, where the nose split open and Humpty popped out to announce that he, the Crazy One, had in fact returned? That very head is currently up for grabs via an Oakland warehouse that just wants to be rid of the damn thing. This hip hop relic could be yours for the mere price of delivery. Contact Johnny Payphone, the current protector of the head, who also relays the following hilari-sad tale:

I have learned from a former tenant of the building that a man was evicted from his apartment, and then lived surreptitiously in the head for several weeks before being discovered. There’s a small green room in there, you see, for Humpty to wait in before he arises.”

Can you believe the Los Angeles Museum of Hip Hop History wasn’t interested in obtaining this amazing ancient artifact? Somebody should just grab them in the biscuits! Somebody should also buy this thing and make it fight the giant Eddie Murphy head from Meet Dave.

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