Misfits Prepping Live Album, At Least One Elvis Cover

From the message board postings of fans who claim to have spoken with Jerry Only to your surely fatigued ears: The Misfits (at this point still a trio with Only on vocals) will release yet another live album in January. Entitled DEA.D. ALIVE!, the disc is rumored to cull fourteen tracks from a Misfits gig recorded in 2011 at Manhattan’s B.B. King’s Blues Club. The cover image will apparently feature an artist’s rendering of Only’s face, because hey, why not? While no immediate explanation has been given concerning the album’s oddly punctuated title scuttlebutt suggests the band couldn’t use Evilive III because founding Misfit Glenn Danzig (who you will recall left the band in 1983) legally owns the word “evilive” and supposedly read his former cronies the riot act when they titled their 1998 live outing Evilive II.

Also in the works from Jerry Only (pictured) and pals is a reissue of the 2003 oldies cover album Project 1950 that will feature one or three or five newly recorded tunes, including Elvis Presley’s 1963 hit “(You’re The) Devil in Disguise” (which rocketed to number one in the United Kingdom upon its original release). Depending on your level of Misfits fandom, this is either a massive relief or crushing disappointment in light of earlier rumors the band was working on an entire album of Presley-specific material. Who knows how close humanity will ever come to hearing Jerry Only put his huffy mark on “In The Ghetto.”

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