An Open Letter To TBS

Dear Corporate Shitlords,

Next Christmas, please do this country a huge favor—instead of foisting another entire day of Played Out Midwestern Yuletide Firearm Struggle upon us, please air twenty-four hours of The Dirt Bike Kid instead so that we as a society can begin learning the rhythm, cadence, and nuances of a wholly different Peter Billingsley performance from 1980-whenever. None of us want to hear the Red Ryder spiel again for like forty years.

Thanks in advance,

James Greene, Jr.

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One response to “An Open Letter To TBS”

  1. James A. Smith says :

    I do not like the advertisements for detour, I find it offensive. I am asking you to cancel the show Detour in the up coming season.
    Sincerely James A. Smith

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