Need This Pic On A T-Shirt

No idea from whence this image originates. I am obviously obsessed with it, though. Wouldn’t it be weird if Rihanna started banging Harold Ramis? Not even dating him—if it was just a sex thing, and they made no bones about it. Always half-naked in the tabloids, roaming nude beaches together, acting lasciviously on hotel balconies, etc. Man, if you think Chris Brown is nuts now…

“According to testimony, Brown finally decided he had to kill Ramis after Rihanna Instagrammed her latest tattoo—a rendering of new beau Harold in his iconic Ghostbusters jumpsuit, inked on her inner left thigh.”

“Pundits are unsure how the trial will affect box office returns for Stripes 2: Buggin’ Out In Barbados, which opens this weekend in select cities.”

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One response to “Need This Pic On A T-Shirt”

  1. Becky says :

    Hey! Whoever wrote this, don’t disrespect or joke like that about Rihanna and Harold Ramis! They are great people who are just friends and everybody loves them they made good songs and movies. Also, Nobody Should Hurt Them! They are good people who did nothing wrong!

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