Marky Ramone Young, Shirtless In Dust Mini-Doc

If this featurette on Marky Ramone’s first band Dust doesn’t convince you they’re worth checking out, let me offer my endorsement: both Dust albums (1971’s s/t and 1972’s Hard Attack) are deliciously heavy, bombastic affairs you can’t not take with you on your next cross-country road trip or drive out to see Grandma. Hell, even if you’re just walking to the grocery store to pick up some motherfuckin’ grapes you’ll wanna blast “Learning to Die” in your cans and mouth the words to every baby and dog you pass on the street. We’re talkin’ killer stuff here.

America, stop sleeping on Dust. Please.

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One response to “Marky Ramone Young, Shirtless In Dust Mini-Doc”

  1. Mint Pillow says :

    Holy sh!t. You were right. Dust!

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