Q: So, You’re A Writer…Like, What Do You Do All Day?

A: Whether I’m banging out a nineteen page treatise on Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, a five hundred word review of the latest Love Gods in Leisure Suits EP, a sentence and a half of dialogue for my screenplay about a cyberpunk groundhog, or just a list of keywords related to a book I one day hope to author about Tim Kazurinsky, I’m chained to my laptop as if my very staring at it will somehow add zeros to my checking account.

Granted, since I work from home and make my own schedule and hardly ever have to answer to anyone, I occasionally throw an average Tuesday away on pinball and chicken wings. Generally I try to keep on a normal schedule, though, so that I may see friends outside of weddings, funerals, and small claims court.

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