Ideas For Beverly Hills Cop 4

– Serge’s son (Jay Baruchel) joins the police academy to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the Croatian mafia; when he finally graduates after a series of hilarious mishaps, the plucky young cop teams up with the only detective savvy enough to crack Serge Jr’s case—Axl Foley

– having moved to the suburbs years ago, the Judge Reinhold character is living a content life until he discovers his neighbor might be a notorious local pimp / drug kingpin; after a series of hilarious mishaps, Reinhold calls the only detective crazy enough to get involved—Axl Foley

– taking on dual roles, Eddie Murphy plays Axl Foley and Axl’s never before seen twin brother, Ignatius, who is desperate to get a job in mall security despite weighing over four hundred pounds and only speaking in Klingon; after a series of hilarious gastric bypass surgeries (all of which fail), Axl calls the only person sympathetic enough to help his obese brother—Paul Blart

– four words: Axl Foley in space

– six words: Axl Foley in the Amazon rainforest

– four words and a couple numbers: Beverly Hills Cop 4 (InnerSpace 2)

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One response to “Ideas For Beverly Hills Cop 4

  1. Agent 54 says :

    Yo! I’m working on the screenplay right now.
    We got to commensurate on the creative side to make this thing work. I got your back. Have your people call my people, wait, I am my people.

    Anthony Weiner is Funny.

    Please check out the greatest blog ever:

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