“I Was Expecting More Pale And Pierced.”

That’s what the publicity guy for This Music Leaves Stains said when I turned in the photo at right as my official author image. First of all, I think I’m shockingly pale for someone who went to college in Florida. Secondly, just because I wrote a book about the Misfits doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally dress like an extra in Summer School (occasionally, every day—look, let’s not split hairs).

I love Earth A.D. but I’m not allergic to colors. Let’s smash hurtful stereotypes like these so future generations can live free (and not die hard).

P.S. – This photo was taken by Angela Dingee.

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4 responses to ““I Was Expecting More Pale And Pierced.””

  1. Agent 54 says :

    What the hell are you talking about?

  2. Linnéa says :

    And what the hell is in the background

  3. jamesgreenejr says :

    It’s an alien from a space pod.

  4. Brie says :

    Anything that reminds me of the sofa from “The Golden Girls” is gorgeous to me. I bet that shirt could tell some great St. Olaf stories as well 🙂

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