Tiptoe Through The Afterlife

Here I am last Friday at Tiny Tim’s grave, which as you can see isn’t so much a grave but a tomb. Yes, I spent Labor Day 2013 in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, because why the heck not? I’ve been very candid during this campaign about my lust for the Twin Cities. Four visits now and I still haven’t seen and done everything on my bucket list for that region. Their motto should be the Twin Cities: We Got So Much Goin’ On!

By the way, the mausoleum that houses Tiny at the Lakewood Cemetery is enormous. This is what the hallways (Tiny Tim’s mausoleum has hallways!) look like:

Tulip Boy buried in that swank shit.

I’ll write more later about my Midwestern adventures, including the glorious five hours I spent at the Minnesota State Fair (the largest state fair IN THE WORLD) and the uncomfortable twenty minutes I spent at a store called Moods of Norway. Oh, there were some moods in there alright!

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