The Last Time I Saw That Guy…

This is a fun game you get to play with your friends from high school when you hit your thirties. The way you play is you sit around a table, someone throws out a name from your collective teenage years, and you all take turns talking about the last time you saw said person (it doesn’t have to be a guy, just so we’re clear).

Some of the better answers I’ve heard playing this game lately:

…he was working at Barnie’s at the mall and we had a brief discussion about the nationality of Zwan’s bass player

…he was sitting a row ahead of me at Scary Movie 2 and he had an enormous Riddle Box tattoo on his leg

…I didn’t actually see him; he called me soliciting a Russian ponzi scheme

…she was working as a Gwen Stefani impersonator at one of the major theme parks

…he had mutton chops that were black as night and he was standing outside the Checkers on Woodland Boulevard

…she was working as the receptionist at Jive Records

…her kid was having a meltdown in Blockbuster over a Gameboy Advance game; she looked at me like she had seven different types of cancer

…she was a financial correspondent on a cable news network, which is an impressive jump for a ballerina of her stature

…he was dumpster diving across the street from the Polluted Youth show; he saw me and ran away

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3 responses to “The Last Time I Saw That Guy…”

  1. Agent 54 says :

    …he was shaving live Penguins at the Chinese grocery store.

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    Penguin make bad house pet.

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