A One Horse Open Grave

Here I am a couple days ago in Savannah, GA, cautiously approaching the final resting place of “Jingle Bells” songsmith James Pierpont. Yes, “Jingle Bells” was actually written by someone—it’s not, as I assumed previous to this Savannah jaunt, just some slice of public domain pieced together from medieval folk poems. And this someone was American! Again, you (read: I) would imagine the author of the most recited Xmas song in history would hail from England. Nope; Pierpont was born and bred in Boston, Mass.

[cue tipsy guy in Red Sox shirt: “YEAH! MATHAFAKKIN’ ‘JENGLE BILLS,” BRO! THAT’S ALL US!”]

A close-up of JP’s headstone. Could use some upkeep. Unfortunately, I had left my bleach at the hotel.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how a Beantown boy ended up interred in Georgia: James Pierpont married the daughter of Savannah’s mayor the same year he dropped “Jingle Bells.” Banner year for that joker.

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