Q: Have You Met Carrot Top?

A: Of course I’ve met Carrot Top. You don’t go to college in Central Florida circa Y2K and not meet Carrot Top.

CT was a guest on a Real Radio 104.1 program (“Philips Phile?”) when I was interning in that station’s promotions department in January of ’02. It was just another sedate afternoon of dusting the prize closet until a boss alerted me to Carrot’s presence in the green room and that I, James the Lowly Intern, specifically needed to fetch him on behalf of whatever show was having him. This was confusing because I had just been in the green room mere seconds before and did not notice any crimson-haired lunatics waving goofy props about. Reentering timidly, I spotted an unassuming figure in a grey tank top with matching Gilligan hat.

So that’s where he hides that bushel.

I don’t remember how I got this figure’s attention but sure enough, when he looked up from his magazine, it was Carrot The Topped, star of Chairman Of The Board and countless talk show appearances in the go-go ’90s. I told CT it was interview time. He thanked me and overall I’d say his demeanor was pleasant in a very genuine way. I wish I could tell you he was bitchy or weird (why do I wish that? I have no idea) but that simply wasn’t the case.

The only other celeb who came in during my internship was Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick. Didn’t get the opportunity to interact with him (thus he did not learn of my earnest, undying love for “God Gave Rock N’ Roll To You II”).

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