The A-Hole Phase (Go To Heck)

The problem with being a writer is that one’s Asshole Phase is unusually well documented.”

An astute observation from sci-fi scribe John Scalzi. Combing through the archives here for the recent “best of” posts I was confronted with my own A.P. one too many times (seemed less like a phase, though, and more like a viral infection flaring up at unpredictable moments). There was enough cringing that I think I added permanent lines to my face.

That’s the way it goes, though. I try to look at writing like (baseball) pitching: you’ll throw some good games, you’ll really whiff a few, and most of the time you’ll probably be somewhere in between. If you can retire without a huge asterisk next to your name, things will be okay.

Also, perception is reality, one person’s failure is another person’s triumph (see: The Room), yadda yadda. What I consider choice A-Hole cut may not be so to some, and vice versa.

Let’s just agree everybody is guilty of asshole-ism once in a while and that “Guitar Shop Asshole” is the best Oblivians song.

I hope the previous proclamation did not come across as too…assholey.

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