Unsolicited Thoughts / Notes On Grease 2: Pfeiffer Boogaloo

– I have no affinity for the first Grease but my house mates were watching this last night and I have an iron clad rule about always stopping to view anything with Eddie Deezen

– Michelle Pfeiffer often resembles Deborah Harry in her role as Stephanie, which is probably no accident; according to Grease 2 lore (now there’s a phrase) the filmmakers approached Harry for the female lead but Deb felt she was too old to be playing a high schooler (never mind that everyone in Grease 2 is too old to be playing a high schooler save Pamela Adlon)

– if we’re to believe this movie, the sport of bowling is an alien concept to the British and they need guidebooks just to have conversations about it

– if we’re to believe this movie, Adrian Zmed is a fucking great singer

– Eddie Deezen is only in Grease 2 for about three minutes and does not seem to be present at the final graduation scene (spoiler alert); this must mean Deezen’s character flunked out or died…we’ll never know for sure, though, because plans for Greases 3 & 4 were scrapped after this one imploded at the box office

– can you imagine the suffocating reheated hell of a Grease 4?

– it’s incredible how absolutely bland the music is in this high profile major studio musical; Michelle Pfeiffer’s big number is called “Cool Rider,” about how she wants to date a cool rider (of motorcycles), making “Greased Lightning” from the first movie look like Chaucer

– Tab Hunter is in this; yes, they make him sing, but he emerges unscathed

– of course the action climaxes in a motorcycle melée / pie fight that breaks out in the middle of a homecoming luau, but since this is Grease 2 the entire set piece is less exciting than a trip to Big Lots

– if you’re in the market to make ninety minutes feel like five hours, run don’t walk to the nearest copy of Grease 2

– if you’re in the market for gratuitous Deezen, take your ass to War Games

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4 responses to “Unsolicited Thoughts / Notes On Grease 2: Pfeiffer Boogaloo

  1. Paul S says :

    When I first put Grease 2 into the DVD player I was hoping against hope that “Cool Rider”, the movie’s best moment of gourmet kitsch would be around the 15 minute mark. But alas like Michelle Pfeiffer’s career, Grease 2 refuses to cooperate with my wishes. Regardless, it’s fun to watch in the way many bad movies are.
    In Michelle’s first leading role she’s already too good for her own movies, too cool for school.

  2. Amy Livinryte (@amylopan) says :

    I purposely drove my drama club insane by only bringing the soundtrack to “Grease 2” on a long bus ride. It worked, but by the end, I loved it. And Adrian Zmed IS a fucking great singer, if we are to also believe that episode of “Bosom Buddies” where he played a rock star.

  3. jamesgreenejr says :

    Zmedheads ain’t nuttin’ ta fuck with.

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