Iggy Addendum

Something I forgot to mention (because I forgot it happened) in last year’s paragraphs about the time I saw Iggy Pop: a few songs into Ig’s set, a very gangly teen jumped onto the stage from the second floor balcony. He landed on his feet and managed to stay upright, but you could see from the way he staggered that something had twisted the wrong way. He was also dressed like J-Roc from “Trailer Park Boys.” Super baggy everything, and I think a visor worn upside down and askew (maybe it was just a backwards cap).

Security wasted no time moving in to clobber this kid. It’s the House of Blues, they don’t tolerate this kind of tomfoolery. The bruisers were moments away from steamrolling Kid Jumper when Iggy raised his hand to halt them.

“Hang on!” Pop grumbled into the mic, a sly grin stretched across his mug. “Let’s see what he can do!”

The audience cheered and the kid’s face lit up. Unfortunately his injury or injuries prevented serious shimmying. The Jumper just waved his arms for a few seconds while Iggy’s band pounded away. After that, If memory serves, Ig gave him a high-five and let him hobble off stage.

It was, to steal a phrase from Mikhail Gorbachev, pretty fucking cool. Thanks to Jon C. for unearthing this memory.

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