Unsolicited Mxyzptlk On The Death Of Superman Lives

– the full title of this just released documentary is The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?, which seems like a perfect opportunity to make at least one Fred Berry reference but the filmmakers hold back

– this is a fantastic watch if you’ve ever wondered exactly how concept art fits into the movie-making process and/or what it’s like to be a concept artist in Hollywood; these people churn out incredible work that usually never sees the light of day (unless the film is a massive hit or a notorious implosion)

– the legend of Superman Lives, a.k.a. the aborted Tim Burton / Nic Cage Superman movie, is a bizarre and engrossing one, and hats off to TDoSL for snagging so many direct sources (Burton, producer Jon Peters, assorted screenwriters) to unravel the tale; still, they couldn’t get Cage, the revoked Superman himself, and as it stands the doc decides to gloss over or omit a handful of really vital points (the Jimmy Olsen ethnicity debate, screenwriter Kevin Smith’s original casting picks, the ferocity of the Smith / Burton snit)

– at one stage in Superman Lives they would have put Cage in the traditional Super togs and the pictures from that costume fitting will make you believe a Coppola could be the Last Son of Krypton

– the version of Brainiac Tim Burton was cooking up cuts a little too close to his Mars Attacks! aliens, which I think demeans the twelfth level intellect from Colu (of course, at this point I’d take Brainiac as a sassy animated kitten—anything to depose the standard Supe film baddie Lex Luthor)

– overall The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? has a bit of an amateur feel and that is in no way a criticism; it helps convey an earnest “by the fans, for the fans” sentiment, an endearing approach for any piece of media (especially one about a collapsed comic book property)

– on a scale of 1 to 10 I give this doc a 7.5, mainly for lack of Cage

– next up I hope these filmmakers tackle the legend of Batman Triumphant, a.k.a. the Batman movie Warner Bros wouldn’t let Joel Schumacher make after the colossal turding of Batman & Robin, wherein Howard Stern may have played Scarecrow and Jack Nicholson would have returned as the Joker in one of Batman’s dreams

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