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Unsolicited Soundgarden King Animal Haiku Reviews

Big dumb riffs return!
Enough highs to justify
Ben Shepherd 4 LYFE.

“Attrition” Cult-like
get on your hog, your chopper
and fuckin’ ride, bra.

Draggy songs are saved
by uplifting choruses
and those big dumb riffs.

Chris Columbus Day Haikus

You discovered zilch
but you did write Gremlins 1
thanks for the day off!

Jingle All The Way?
I mean, what were you thinking?
thanks for the Jake Lloyd!

You should remake Juice
with Justin Bieber as Q
what else you doin’?

Unsolicited Teenage Bottlerocket Freak Out! Haiku Review

More bruiser pop punk
jokes about Yoda, Top Gun
as good as their last.

Unsolicited The Avengers Haiku Review

Okay, we get it
Iron Man loves “Thunderstruck”
What’s on Hulk’s iPod?

Unsolicited Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Haiku Review

Mystery, intrigue
Tom Cruise’s insane hairpiece
better than Jaws 4.

Michael Bay Ninja Turtles Haiku

Here’s the real question:
Will we finally get Krang
voiced by R. Dreyfuss?

Unsolicited Blind Date Haiku Review

“Don’t let her drink, guy.”
lets her drink, they nearly die
will men ever learn?

Eddie Vedder Birthday Haikus

Hard to hate a guy
with pro-Ramones agenda
gabba gabba Ed

Hard to hate a guy
who authored “Rearviewmirror”
stabs me in my gut!

Hard to hate a guy
when his name rhymes with cheddar
secret of his angst?

Unsolicited Haiku Reviews Of Das Racist, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Anthrax

Das Racist – Relax

Joke rappers grow up?
Just enough to bore at times
Party’s still hype, though.

Charred Walls of the Damned – Cold Winds on Timeless Days

Clenched anus metal
Could be lost “Metroid” soundtrack
Drums are awesome (duh).

Anthrax – Worship Music

Shades of ’88
Band’s tight, Joey B rocks it
Worth a buck or two.

Unsolicited 30 Minutes Or Less Haiku Review

Poor Danny McBride.
Eternally the crass fool!
Rest of film? B+