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Current Fashion Role Model

Tommy Stinson, seen here performing at the final Replacements gig, July 4, 1991. Not sure what you’d call this look (power pop bohemian?) but I want to dress like it every day. Photo by Bob Ingrassia; click here to see another one of Bob’s ‘Mats photos and a little write up about his experience attending this storied event. Yes, they played “Within Your Reach.”

Happy Birthday, Dos Ramones

Bass player C.J. and late guitarist Johnny from the Ramones both celebrate a birthday today, so here’s a clip of the duo (plus drummer Marky) warming up/goofing off backstage circa 1991. Not sure what language Da Bruddahs are singing in here (guessing one they fabricated themselves) but Johnny is absolutely wearing a Chef Boyardee parody shirt featuring convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Would you expect anything less from the guy who co-wrote “Psycho Therapy?”

Kid ‘n Play’s Face The Nation Is Also Twenty Years Old This Month

I could write a five thousand word essay about how Chad Channing’s uncredited cymbal work on “Polly” is directly responsible for Bill Clinton’s first presidential victory, but it seems more pertinent right now to remind humanity that Kid ‘n Play also dropped an album on September 24, 1991. Face the Nation, the playful rap duo’s third and final effort, yielded a number one hit in “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody” and gave the world an excuse to keep its parachute pants on for just that much longer. I like to think right now, up in Heaven, Kurt’s cabbage patching to this song with Jim, Jimi, and Tupac.