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Props To Rob Breakenridge

Canadian radio host Rob Breakenridge had me as a brief guest on his show last night (“The Rob Breakenridge Show,” 770 on your AM radio dial in Calgary) to discuss the E.T. landfill situation. It was pretty trippy to have the opportunity to “weigh in” somewhere with my “expert opinion.” I’m not sure I said anything brilliant or exceptionally insightful but it was fun and I have to thank Rob for having me.

“People love failure,” I think was my key quote. As in, why is the E.T. landfill story so enduring. I of course speak from experience: behind the landfill piece the most viewed pages on this blog are all Chuck Biscuits death hoax stuff. Why do you think there are so many bad movie podcasts out there? Schadenfreude is real and often more addictive than nicotine.