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Fake George McFly Speaks!

I was just over at IFC.com reading this article about how weird it is when certain actors are replaced in high profile sequels. Of course they mention Jeffrey Weissman, the unlucky fake Shemp who stepped in to play George McFly in Back to the Future II when Crispin Glover made too many crazy demands to return. This spurned a pretty famous lawsuit that made Crispy a very rich man and changed some actor’s likeness law.

ANYWAY, at the bottom of the article, the first comment is from none other than Jeffrey Weissman himself. OMG, LOL! Jeff sheds a little more light on the entire dual George McFly situation, saying:

I was kept in the dark about what I was going to be doing on Back to the Future pt.2 ’til just about two days before the shoot. I was told by casting that I was up for being a photo double, even a stand in, when I was up for the part. I even called Crispin to ask his help in getting the work to help pay for my coming second child’s birth (I had worked on an AFI film with him & Dan O’Herlihy, and enjoyed watching his work, a year before the 1st BttF film).

When I found out Crispin was not doing the sequels, which seemed to me unimaginable, I proceeded to work with mixed feelings (mostly feeling like a scab because of all the weird reactions and treatment on set). I was called by Crispin’s name by the director among others, and I was told that the hanging upside down as George in the McFly household of 2015 was to torture Crispin for being such a pain in the ass on the first film. Oddly, I was cut from the making of docu-film, and…several promotions that I tried to do to further my career had the plug mysteriously pulled. Ahh, Hollywood.

I heard that Mr. Glover got $760,000.00 in the settlement.”

In the immortal words of Beck, that’s some straight-up new jack horse crap. Don’t worry, Jeff. I’ve worked both you and Crispin into my script for Back to the Future 4: Einstein’s Lament. You play George’s brother, a shipping magnate named Grover McFly. Megan Fox will play your wife. In one scene, you get to shoot E.T. directly in the face. Then the Ghostbusters show up and things get really crazy.