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All Bigfoot, All The Time

And now we return to the thrilling conclusion of Frost-Free Hoaxin’: The Great Hillbilly Sasquatch Swindle.

According to Atlanta’s CBS46, Matt Whitton has officially been sacked from his police cop job. Linked is a video report that also includes footage of Rick Dyer attempting to explain / defend the pair’s actions. They were trying to take everyone’s mind off the war, apparently.

Turns out Tom Biscardi was the private investor who ponied up an alleged $50k for the fake Bigfoot corpse. Naturally, he’s taking legal action against Whitton and Dyer. Hey Tom, next time ask to see the body before you sign the check. LULZ!

Dyer posted a Youtube video yesterday or today implicating a few other people and claiming he and Whitton were the real victims, but it’s so poorly made I’m not even going to link it here. It’s just text snippets placed over videotape of a television playing Biscardi’s original FOX News interview (say it with me: if you’re too lazy to even speak on the Youtube apology video you post after tricking the world into believing you have a dead Sasquatch, you might be a redneck).

Okay, I’m officially tapping out of Rickmat coverage. Unless something truly insane happens (real Bigfoot buying time on network television to chastise these bumpkins and reveal an accomplice role in the D.B. Cooper skyjacking), this is the last Georgia Gorilla post you’ll see from me.