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Bizarre Soft Drinks I Have Recently Encountered: 1980s Blockbuster Edition

WHAT IT IS: Ghostbusters: The Energy Drink, a carbonated tribute to the greatest horror comedy of my childhood (sorry, Gremlins).

WHERE IT WAS DISCOVERED: Amongst my birthday gifts.

WHO MAKES IT: Boston America Corp, who brag on their website about offering “the world’s most creative impulse items.” Hey, I’m not arguing.

HOW IT TASTES: The contents of the “Slimed!” can proved Rockstar-ish, which is probably what Slimer would taste like if you could lick him. From what I can gather via Google it’s the same exact liquid in each can, but if I’m wrong may Walter Peck come down from bureaucrat heaven and smack me silly.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Officially licensed Ghostbusters imagery. This ain’t no “Ghostflippers” nonsense!

NOTES: The can lists a fax number. That seems superfluous. I’m not sure what I’d want from a Ghostbusters-themed energy drink (maybe a Stay Puft marshmallow flavor?) but this stuff gets the job done. It’s tart enough, no wretched aftertaste, and it reminds me of Harold Ramis. Win/win.

Bizarre Soft Drinks I Have Recently Encountered: Julmust


WHAT IT IS: A traditional Swedish Christmas beverage invented by Harry and Robert Roberts in 1910 as an alternative to beer.

WHERE IT WAS DISCOVERED: The Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

WHO MAKES IT: This particular beverage, exclusive in the States to Ikea, is bottled by a company called Spendrups (specifically, Spendrups Klassiker). For reasons I cannot yet determine, the label also includes the phrase “NYGÅRDA” in text far larger than both the Spendrups logo and the flavor designation of Julmust.

HOW IT TASTES: Malty, with a hint of a fruit-like substance. Has a definite, discernible, likable bite.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Artist’s rendering of a Claus-like elf on the decidedly red label; separate ingredient listings for Canada and the U.S./Australia (WTF?).

NOTES: The Julmust Wiki claims this beverage was the basis for Pepsi’s mid-aught Holiday Spice drink. If that’s true, something was definitely lost in translation. I remember Holiday Spice tasting like regular Pepsi with pine cone and Christmas candle flavoring. Julmust is completely different. It’s a thick, hearty soda, a malt that isn’t too malty yet not too sweet. If this is what Swedes are into for Xmas, I’m pouring out all my egg nog and moving to Stockholm.