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Darth Vader Is Not Into Seinfeld

To help promote the September 12 release of the complete Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray, Lucasfilm has launched this interactive “Ask Vader” feature on the official Star Wars website. Type in a question, hit “enter,” and Darthy V will give you some kind of chilling response. It’s cute, not to mention a great distraction from the fact George has likely CGI’d Howard the Duck somewhere into the Return of the Jedi on these forthcoming discs.

I felt like “Ask Vader” could easily turn into one of those multiple hour time-eating vortexes, so I only allowed myself to fire one question off at the Dark Lord of the Sith. It’s something I’ve always wondered about sci-fi’s greatest villain (photo will enlarge if’n you click it):

Darth’s response? “It is too late for me…but you have the rest of the day!” Little does Anakin Skywalker know I’m already well-versed in “Seinfeld” reruns. She’s a close-talker, yadda yadda, shrinkage.