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Budokan CD Found!

Turns out I didn’t sell my copy of Cheap Trick’s Budokan as I thought I might have—I found the CD yesterday tucked into a pile of stuff I pulled out of my car right before I sold it. I do remember throwing the seminal ’70s rock album in my glove box last Spring, where it apparently stayed until I decided ten grand was worth more than my right to leave Brooklyn on four wheels at any given time. Not sure when or why I axed Budokan from my iTunes, but whatever. All is right with the world now. The sweet, blond coo of Robin Zander fills my ears once more. On a related note, here’s a picture of Bun E. Carlos from high school:


Bun’s the one on the left, in case you were wondering. Me-ow!

JG2 Regret #3904

I can’t believe I deleted Cheap Trick’s Budokan from my iTunes. I’m listening to In Color right now and that shit just ain’t cuttin’ the mustard. I’m so fucking stupid. I might not even have the CD anymore. I may have sold it for soda money. Honestly, what self-respecting rock critic does that kind of thing? I still have that Crispin Glover album on my damn iTunes, but no Budokan. The version of “Clock Strikes Ten” on that one is so crucial.