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Shit JG2 Says When He’s At The Orange City Applebee’s In 2004

“They have a pretty great quesadilla here.”

“Listen! They’re playing ‘Dream Police!’ Let’s go to the Virgin Megastore after this and buy as many Cheap Trick CDs as we can afford.”

“Okay, we can ‘share’ a martini, but I don’t drink, so, y’know, you’re responsible for taking care of the whole thing.”

“Excuse me, but it seems as if my water glass is cracked. Can I get a new one?”

“Oh no, Brian’s here. Yeah, things have been kind of awkward between us since I punched him in the balls at that traffic light.”

“So this is life after college. What a sham.”

Budokan CD Found!

Turns out I didn’t sell my copy of Cheap Trick’s Budokan as I thought I might have—I found the CD yesterday tucked into a pile of stuff I pulled out of my car right before I sold it. I do remember throwing the seminal ’70s rock album in my glove box last Spring, where it apparently stayed until I decided ten grand was worth more than my right to leave Brooklyn on four wheels at any given time. Not sure when or why I axed Budokan from my iTunes, but whatever. All is right with the world now. The sweet, blond coo of Robin Zander fills my ears once more. On a related note, here’s a picture of Bun E. Carlos from high school:


Bun’s the one on the left, in case you were wondering. Me-ow!

JG2 Regret #3904

I can’t believe I deleted Cheap Trick’s Budokan from my iTunes. I’m listening to In Color right now and that shit just ain’t cuttin’ the mustard. I’m so fucking stupid. I might not even have the CD anymore. I may have sold it for soda money. Honestly, what self-respecting rock critic does that kind of thing? I still have that Crispin Glover album on my damn iTunes, but no Budokan. The version of “Clock Strikes Ten” on that one is so crucial.