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JG2 @ NYP (So Far)

Last September, I began contributing to the New York Press. Here’s everything I’ve written for them so far in one handy referential blog post.

Crystal Ball Drop – Psychic predictions for 2010. Nekkid Sarah Palin! Giant South American bats! Dr. Phil kidnapping!

Hitting The Mark – Review of Mark, a new burger joint in Manhattan.

Electric Teenage Lust – I had sex at a power plant once. It was cool.

Hot New Import – Covers last year’s invasion of Brooklyn by fast food chain Checkers (or Rally’s, for all you Middle America types).

Brooklyn’s Own Delphi – Story ’bout an all-knowing hardware store entity in the Park Slope area.

Happy reading.

That’s Like Putting A Bob’s Big Boy In The Kremlin

There’s a Checkers in Brooklyn now. That’s like putting a Hardee’s on the moon! Well, sort of. Anyway, I command you to read the story I wrote about the Checkers Gotham invasion for New York Press. I assure you I take no shots at Klosterman in it.

Relevent YouTube clip—Rap Cat:

I never grow tired of that song.

Remember This?

I wonder where Rap Cat is now. Probably in a shoebox in some Checkers employee’s basement.