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Ray Stanz Piggybacks His Hooch On Dubious 2008 Blockbuster

And now, a word from Dan Aykroyd about Crystal Head Vodka.

I guess it’s easier to make the bottles in the shape of a skull than that of a still-beating human heart or melting Nazi face. Still, it’s very confusing to watch Danny A. give a long-winded sales pitch for a product associated with a film he had absolutely nothing to do with. It’s like if Val Kilmer made a video for Dark Knight-themed breakfast cookies. Just a big, flashy WTF? spinning around right in front of your eyes.

On the other hand, at least Aykroyd’s out there trying new things. When’s the last time you saw Ernie Hudson shilling on the booze market? Nineteen-eighty-never? Exactly.