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A Danzigcy Defined

UPDATE: The above trailer is no longer available “due to a copyright claim by Glen [sic] Danzig,” which is weird because I thought he was the one who released it in the first place. Unless Glen Danzig is not the Glenn Danzig we know and love but some other Danzig from an alternate dimension who has come to take what he believes is rightfully his. I don’t know. My head hurts. Original text (meant to correspond with missing vid) follows.

How does one define Danzig? Maybe something like this: the type of person who would conceive his own version of Elvis Presley’s ’68 comeback special, borrow hyper-specific imagery from Elvis Presley’s ’68 comeback special to drive home the point that this in fact Glenn Danzig’s 2015 comeback special, and then highlight himself in the trailer for said comeback special making an aloof remark that “it’ll probably almost be like that Elvis thing.”

Yeah, it’ll “almost be” like “that Elvis thing,” “that Elvis thing” you’re copying to a t. “Almost.” Hoo boy, you nearly had us fooled for a second there, Glenn. I was worried about you. Nope, you’re the same ol’ crazy He-Devil!

They spent three years in post-production on “Legacy,” which I think gives credence to the rumors that most of the taping was a train wreck. At any rate, I’m interested to see it. Will Glenn Danzig actually “come back” or will this be another of his many Waterloos? Only Satan knows for sure.

Get Ready For The Danzig Chicken Sandwich Meme

More rigamarole involving Uncle Glenn: Danzig’s Legacy set was abbreviated Friday night at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest after our stocky hero stalled getting on stage for an hour, arguing with organizers about the temperature of the outdoor venue. Glenn apparently rolled into town dog sick and from the get-go demanded his set be moved indoors, or canceled. He also demanded, they say, French onion soup, vitamins, and a chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.

Even if the lengthy play-by-play from the festival’s booker that’s been popping up in reports is 100% inaccurate, even if this is all part of some larger conspiracy to discredit Glenn Danzig not only as a professional but as a demon incarnate originally born upon the scorching plains of Hades, the damage has been done. Danzig’s been linked to yet another name brand consumer item. The Internet will soon be rife with Photoshopped images of Mr. Dirty Black Summer chowing down on a clutch fast food sandwich. Perhaps Glenn’s face will be seamlessly affixed atop the shoulders of Wendy herself, his brooding visage peaking out from under those frighteningly red pigtails.

Oh, the horror.

Allow me to reiterate something I’ve said several times before in both print and casual conversation—the only way Danzig can counter the mockery that arises from fans discovering his more human tendencies is by killing someone. That would shut all the jokers up real quick. No one ragged on O.J. for those stupid Naked Gun movies after June of ’94, is all I’m sayin’.

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Watch The Majority Of Danzig’s Chicago “Legacy” Concert

Glenn Danzig performed the first in his series of four 2011 “Legacy” concerts Friday night at Chicago’s Riot Fest, headlining the day-long event with a special set of material reaching from present Danzig day all the way back to his storied years with Samhain and the Misfits. Glenn’s strict “no camera” policy couldn’t stop one intrepid fan far in the back row from recording the majority of the performance (beginning from the Samhain chunk of songs). Check it out below.

Sounds pretty good, right? Those period-specific backdrops are sick, too. I just might have to try and weasel my way into the New York “Legacy” gig at Hammerstein later this month. Seriously, I’m a friend of Glenn’s sister, let me in.

Danzig may have put on a great show for his legions of skull-worshipping fans, but rumors are flying around the Internetz this morning about the expected backstage rigmarole. All singer Scott Reynolds hath apparently posted to the Facebook, “Had a great frickin’ weekend…I hung out with some of my favorite human beings in the history of ever! And I gained new respect for Glenn Danzig, because I never knew how much work goes into being such an egomaniacal douche nozzle.”

Hey man, if you spill Danzig’s kitty litter, be prepared to pay the price.


Overture of the Rebel Angels
Hammer of the Gods
Rebel Spirits
Twist of Cain
Her Black Wings
Devil’s Plaything
How the Gods kill
Dirty BlackSummer
It’s Coming Down

All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
Horror Biz
Unholy Passion
Let the Day Begin
To Walk the night
Mother of Mercy

Death Comes Ripping
Night of the Living Dead
Astro Zombies
Last Caress

Bringer of Death
Not of This World



Vocals: Glenn Danzig
Guitar: Tommy Victor
Bass: Steve Zing
Drums: Johnny Kelly

Vocals: Glenn Danzig
Guitar: Tommy Victor
Bass: London May/Steve Zing
Drums: Steve Zing/London May

Vocals: Glenn Danzig
Guitar: Doyle
Guitar: Tommy Victor
Bass: Steve Zing
Drums: Johnny Kelly