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The Offspring Are Trapped In 2005

At least that’s what their new video, “Stuff Is Messed Up,” suggests:

Now, see, this is a new video, but the song itself is over a year old. “Stuff” was first heard on 2008’s Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Why is the video just coming out now? Who knows. I guess in the wake of Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown, the Offspring just wanna remind people they exist.

And while “Stuff Is Messed Up” (an inexplicable self-censor of the real lyric, “Shit Is Fucked Up”) dates back to last June, the video makes you believe the damn thing came out half a decade ago. Lynndie England and “Pimp My Ride” jokes? Really, Offspring? Yeah, that shit was fucked up, but the fact you’re still talking about it is even more fucked up.

Sigh. I remember when “Keep ‘Em Separated” came out in 1994. Much like Beck’s “Loser,” I thought it was a joke song some radio deejay had created. Nowadays, I wish I had been right.