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No Recess!: The (Online) (Music) Magazine (Pic Unrelated)

A few very esteemed colleagues and I have started a new publication dedicated to the wonders of melody and measure, recorded and otherwise, called No Recess! (it’s a more concise Nirvana reference than We Hate Ourselves And Want To Die). I’m contributing on the weekly tip. My first three joints:

a thing about ’90s grunge n’ roll band O-Matic

a thing about the scoring of various Dracula films

a thing about Paul Shaffer’s nutso solo albums

Don’t just read my junk, though, read every savory morsel of No Recess! because everyone writing for it is Actually Good™. Thanks for your interest and see you in the “well, they seemed funny when I was six” pages.

Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Current obsession: this striking Geza Kende photo of coroners wheeling Bela Lugosi’s body out of his apartment on the day the iconic Dracula actor died in 1956 (click photo to embiggen). Talk about capturing a moment. I found it on a blog called Vampires Over London, which offers a wealth of digital Lugosi ephemera.