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A Gem For Throwback Thursday

I would pay thousands for a recording of this dog’s “loud belching sound.”

Dreyfuss Update

Following up on a very important post from last month: Hollywood dog trainer Joel Silverman responded to my e-mail inquiry regarding the fate of Bear, the dog who “played” Dreyfuss on early ’90s Richard Mulligan vehicle “Empty Nest.” Sez Joel:

[Bear] was retired I believe in a home of the trainer that took over the show after the 4th season. I did the show from seasons 1-4. He had a great home. He is missed!!!”

I take this final line to mean Bear is no longer with us (which makes sense, considering the average lifespan of Canis lupus familiaris). Fear not; this mysterious second trainer will be tracked down and questioned about the (assumed) final days of everyone’s favorite Dinah Manoff co-star.