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Four Very Useless Photoshops

Me pretending to be on VH-1. This was created for my Myspace profile. It almost convinced people I was one of a famous mouthy jerk. I can’t believe how badly I fucked up the side of the box.

Funny, except I spelled “What’s Happening!!” wrong. You’d think in the three hours it took me to make this I would have spell-checked the name of my favorite TV show.

Former Presidents Bush, Reagan, Carter, and Ford hanging out on Yavin IV. This was for a website I planned on setting up in 2004 that would have contained a phony list of alterations made to the original Star Wars movies for their DVD release. The San Diego Chicken weighed heavily into this proposed site’s humor.

Speaking of Star Wars, did you know Luke Skywalker was not actually played by Mark Hamill in Return of the Jedi but by my high school pal Drew Mack? Look closely. The hairline is a dead giveaway.