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Q: Where Are You Right Now RE: Star Wars 7 Excitement?

A: Same place where I am with Ghostbusters 3. It’s possible Star Wars 7 will crush it Rocky Balboa-style…and yet I accept there’s a chance we’re looking down the barrel of Phantom Menace 2: This Pod Is Still So Wizard. Who knows? It’s a crapshoot. Disney’s gonna churn out a few more Star Warses either way, because those two words are a license to print money. Thus, if J.J. Abrams decides to give Chewbacca a pair of very prominent nipples we’re gonna hafta live with it for six or seven years.

Honest Ghostbusters 3 Concerns

Will Egon’s Cheez-Its be back? How will they explain the absence of Egon’s Cheez-Its in Ghostbusters 2? Will Egon stick to regular Cheez-Its or will he venture into the uncharted territories of White Cheddar and Pepper Jack?