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It’s Slime Time, Baby

Why did Yaphet Kotto turn down a role in the original Ghostbusters? What was Slavitza Jovan doing before she was Gozer? Was there a fistfight on the set of Ghostbusters II? What was it like making the 2016 reboot? What’s the deal with that “Ghostbusters go to Hell” script? All these questions and many more are answered in A Convenient Parallel Dimension: How Ghostbusters Slimed Us Forever, the most thorough and detailed book ever written about this famous film franchise. Written by me, Jim Greene!

The official release date for A Convenient Parallel Dimension is 11/1/22 but tale is told that people are beginning to receive preordered copies right now. Not sure what the story is there but I can tell you if you buy this book directly from the publisher at Rowman.com instead of Amazon I make more money. So take that into consideration when making your purchase. Of course, it’s not about the lettuce. Ask your local library to get some copies so people can read this incredible history for free.

Early reviews have been flattering. Noted Ghostbusters fan / historian Alex Newborn offered a very positive video critique of the book. Proton Charging, one of the longest running Ghostbusters news aggregates around, made me blush when they compared my work to the Webb Telescope. Keep the praise rolling in, folks. I actually love compliments.

Not sure what else to say right now other than thank you to everyone who’s been supporting A Convenient Parallel Dimension. I’ve never worked this hard on anything and I can’t wait for all the ghost heads to read it.

A Few Important Points

— I blog here now: jamesgreenejr.substack.com

— my latest book A Convenient Parallel Dimension: How Ghostbusters Slimed Us Forever will be published late next year by Lyons Press

— I keep talking about how much I’ve learned working on A Convenient Parallel Dimension and to that degree I’ve removed some articles from this blog that contained factual errors about our very famous ghost smashers

— I love you all

Drippings With Goo

I considered myself a pretty serious student of Ghostbusters before I started work on this book and now I can’t believe how much I’m learning. There’s still a year of labor to be done but I think the end result will really be something special. My fingers are crossed that all the ghost heads will agree.

By the way, I’m still trying to get to Manhattan to complete a leg of research. If you’d like to help, check out my GoFundMe. Donate enough scratch and you’ll receive a signed copy of this yet-to-be-titled volume when it’s complete. Thanks for even considering; there are more worthy causes for sure.

My zine Idiot Time is on hiatus for the moment while I focus on the book. If you’re thirsty for new writings, I’ve started penning the occasional article for Hard Noise. It’s a nonfiction offshoot of The Hard Times. Here’s one I wrote about the Reagan Youth song in Airheads. Here’s an interview I did with a former Dead Kennedy. And this one’s about Wendy O. Williams and Kiss.

I’m getting married in December. My heart is full of love and I can’t wait to be a wife guy. For my bachelor party I will go to a deli and eat a sandwich.

Until the next update, stay fresh, stay funky.

Joe Flaherty Is Always Behind Us, Metaphorically Speaking

If there was ever one image to completely sum up the human condition…

I have a friend who insists the major fault of Ghostbusters is the film’s pronounced lack of Joe Flaherty. I still don’t know how to respond to (or how I’m supposed to feel about) that statement. It’s sort of like hearing someone say, “You know, all those Beatles albums woulda been better if Randy Rhoads had played the guitar solos.” Uh, maybe?

Where would you even put Joe Flaherty in Ghostbusters? Is he Slimer’s human form—that is to say, Slimer before he died and became a disgusting green blob? Is he the guy Ray buys the ambulance from? Hey, you tell me where I’m supposed to put Joe Flaherty in this thing. Maybe they can rerecord him doing Gozer’s lines for the next Blu-Ray release. “Hey JACKASS, choose the form of your destructor!”

Related factoid: Eugene Levy (that pile of sex in front of Joe in the picture above) was cut out of Ghostbusters II. He played Louis Tully’s brother, I think. Unfortunately for Gene, in the end the filmmakers decided they already had plenty of smirking Canadians in ill-fitting suits.

[“SCTV” screencap stolen from Comedy Time Warp, a great blog if you’re looking for black and whites of Albert Brooks.]