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Basic Cable Reality Show Ideas

“Bodega Wars”: Two proud families vie for customers on an unassuming block in Brooklyn. The bodega on the north side of the street only charges two bucks for a roast beef sandwich, but their store always smells like drywall. The bodega on the south side offers no pungent aromas…but they also don’t have Diet Dr Pepper. Tune in each week to see which location successfully entices Joe Lunchpail inside to buy a pack of smokes.

“Shoeshine Dynasty”: This intrepid group of experienced polishers refuses to let the art of shoeshine die. Tune in each week as Gramps, Mee-Maw, Sticky, Hoops, and the Baby hold court in the St. Louis train depot, waxing philosophical in more ways than one. Also, there’s a dog?

“Lockup: Middle School Detention”: Enter the raw world of adolescent after school discipline programs, where cameras capture the harsh reality of twelve year olds staring into space and being reprimanded for attempting to sleep on their desks.

“Broast Hunters”: Corpulent Rhode Islanders travel the U.S. in search of elusive chicken broasting restaurants, some of which may be only legend and some of which may be all too real.

“Who The @#%! Did I Just See At The Gas Station?”: Dramatic re-enactments of strange convenience store encounters. Pilot includes “Grown Man In Diaper,” “Rick Moranis Lookalike Invades Women’s Room.”