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Uncle Rump

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Unsolicited Mxyzptlk On The Death Of Superman Lives

– the full title of this just released documentary is The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?, which seems like a perfect opportunity to make at least one Fred Berry reference but the filmmakers hold back

– this is a fantastic watch if you’ve ever wondered exactly how concept art fits into the movie-making process and/or what it’s like to be a concept artist in Hollywood; these people churn out incredible work that usually never sees the light of day (unless the film is a massive hit or a notorious implosion)

– the legend of Superman Lives, a.k.a. the aborted Tim Burton / Nic Cage Superman movie, is a bizarre and engrossing one, and hats off to TDoSL for snagging so many direct sources (Burton, producer Jon Peters, assorted screenwriters) to unravel the tale; still, they couldn’t get Cage, the revoked Superman himself, and as it stands the doc decides to gloss over or omit a handful of really vital points (the Jimmy Olsen ethnicity debate, screenwriter Kevin Smith’s original casting picks, the ferocity of the Smith / Burton snit)

– at one stage in Superman Lives they would have put Cage in the traditional Super togs and the pictures from that costume fitting will make you believe a Coppola could be the Last Son of Krypton

– the version of Brainiac Tim Burton was cooking up cuts a little too close to his Mars Attacks! aliens, which I think demeans the twelfth level intellect from Colu (of course, at this point I’d take Brainiac as a sassy animated kitten—anything to depose the standard Supe film baddie Lex Luthor)

– overall The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? has a bit of an amateur feel and that is in no way a criticism; it helps convey an earnest “by the fans, for the fans” sentiment, an endearing approach for any piece of media (especially one about a collapsed comic book property)

– on a scale of 1 to 10 I give this doc a 7.5, mainly for lack of Cage

– next up I hope these filmmakers tackle the legend of Batman Triumphant, a.k.a. the Batman movie Warner Bros wouldn’t let Joel Schumacher make after the colossal turding of Batman & Robin, wherein Howard Stern may have played Scarecrow and Jack Nicholson would have returned as the Joker in one of Batman’s dreams

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach: 1967-2008

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, the long-haired weirdo “comedian” best known for being a member of Howard Stern’s Wack Pack, has died after a bout with pneumonia. He was 39.

Kallenbach contracted his deadly ailment while in custody on an attempted child abduction charge in Pennsylvania. His mother, Fay, is blaming Delaware County jail officials for not properly taking care of her son, who suffered from cystic fibrosis. Prison officials have responded by saying they’re “shocked” by Fay Kallenbach’s accusations, claiming she had previously thanked them for the care they were providing for Kenneth.

Kenneth Keith, whose signature bit was attempting to blow cigarette smoke out of his eyeballs, never achieved the fame and prestige other Stern Wack Packers saw. That’s most likely due to the fact he was a fairly normal dude. He wasn’t an alcoholic dwarf or an alcoholic giant or an alcoholic clown; Ken was just a regular, run-of-the-mill loser who thought he had some great talent.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we ever actually saw smoke come out of his eye sockets. We most assuredly did see him vomit during one failed attempt, though.

You know, I have a roommate named Ken, and lately I have been referring to him as Kenneth Keith Kallenbach (and I’m pretty sure he has no idea what I’m talking about). That’s a little weird. Do you think if I start calling someone else I live with Angry Black, Angry Black will die? I hope not. That’s a power and responsibility I don’t want to have.

Oh, I almost forgot: no one had Kenneth Keith in the death pool. The score remains unchanged.