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Unsolicited Blankman Haiku Review

Gags: hilarious
Robin Givens: OMG
better than Dark Knight.

Yes, They Did Make A Movie Starring Robert Guillaume & Another Bad Creation

You want to know how much of a “Batman” fan I was when I was fourteen? I seriously considered asking my mom to take me to see Meteor Man, the 1993 Robert Townsend superhero goof, because it featured Frank “The Riddler” Gorshin as the evil old white guy. That’s right; I was willing to endure the mild comedy of some mustachioed eighties relic just to view the gnarly visage of the Gorsh some mustachioed sixties relic on the big screen. Sadly, I never got up the courage to mention Meteor Man in front of Ma Greene (I was kind of a shy kid).

Flash forward to last night. As is often the case with Monday nights, I was bored and thinking about Frank Gorshin. So I dialed up the Meteor Man trailer on YouTube. Um, I think I want to see this movie more now than I did at fourteen:

Did you SEE what James Earl Jones was wearing (not to mention how he was dancing) in that clip? My waffle is beyond ROFL’d. Also, Another Bad Creation? I forgot they ever existed. What do you think those kids are doing today? Cleaning Diddy’s pool? Selling insurance at the funkiest State Farm in all of Boise? I wish I knew. At any rate, Meteor Man looks like an awesome cavalcade of rapping, dancing, meteors, and extremely dated pop culture references.

Waitaminute, waitaminute—wasn’t one of the kids in Another Bad Creation nicknamed Batman?


No, I’m wrong. That “Batman” kid was in Immature. Immature! Man, I miss the nineties.

You know what the sad thing is? I’m sure Meteor Man in its entirety won’t even be anywhere near as funny as the two minute trailer for Blankman, the absolutely classic Damon Wayans/David Allen Grier crime-fighting spoof that came one year later:

J5! Now there’s a robot I can get behind.