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Billionaires Should Not Exist

Bloody Disgusting has published a very flattering review of my new book A Convenient Parallel Dimension: How Ghostbusters Slimed Us Forever. Ike Oden writes that ACPD is “the definitive, unexpurgated story of the beloved film franchise and its central players. Finally, ghostheads have their own gospel, a Tobin’s Spirit Guide of thoroughly researched and thoughtfully disseminated Ghostbusters history.”

Oden sums up the book as “an addictively written, utterly engrossing read, and an absolute must-have stocking stuffer for fans this holiday season.” Thanks! Although I don’t think the book will fit in a stocking. Maybe you should wrap it up with a nice ribbon.

Remember, if you buy A Convenient Parallel Dimension directly from the publisher right now you can save 35% off with the code 22JOYSALE. This is a cool deal. It saves you some money and ensures that absolutely no money goes to Jeff Bezos. Sale ends on January 6th, 2023.

Speaking of odious billionaire scum, Elon Musk was making it feel extremely gross to remain on Twitter so I deactivated my account. It’s a bummer. For all its pre-Elon problems, Twitter was tough to beat as a news aggregate. There were tons of people on there who clued me in on social issues that never got amplification anywhere else. It was an awesome comedy aggregate too. The hardest laughs in the past decade came from anonymous weirdos tweeting like they had nothing to lose. Most importantly, I met my wife on Twitter.

So Twitter was a valuable resource in those respects and it sucks that the world’s richest edgelord is tanking it because all his kids hate him and his all his ex-wives hate him and everyone sensible person in the world hates him because he’s perpetually full of shit and his cars keep murdering people. Just another reason this country needs a maximum wage. No one should be able to spend $44 billion on a utility just so they can treat it like a pile of Legos. Billionaires should not exist!

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Unsolicited Sex & the City: The Movie Review

Sex and the City
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon

Bombshell: I’ve never seen a single episode of the “Sex and the City” television show. I know. And I call myself a true student of pop culture? Well, actually, no, I’ve never called myself that. Totally rockin’ dude who does a passable Jack Benny impression, sure, but true student of pop culture? Please. I’m not trying to be a VH-1 talking head here.

I went to check out this film partially as a favor to a friend, but I also went because I knew I could judge it fairly and objectively. Yessir, when the dust settled, I would be able to firmly say whether or not the big fat Sex and the City motion picture could stand on its own two feet, independent of the popular HBO series that spawned it.

Verdict? You don’t gotta know dick about the TV show before walking in to this yazz. They do this slick “greatest hits” montage of clips from the series over the opening credits to get dopes like me up to speed. Smart move. Not only did that allow me to enjoy the next two hours of nutty female hi-jinks without getting too confused, it also showed me all the best parts of the show. Now I don’t have to waste fifty bajillion hours watching the whole damn thing just so I get “funky spunk” references. Thanks, montage!

Hardcore “Sex” fans are trashing the film pretty hard, but I found it to be reasonably entertaining. I laughed way more than I thought I would. If this is “Sex and the City” at its worst, maybe I actually will sit down one day and check out an episode or two of the show. Then again, sometimes I’m easily amused. I’ve been known to roll down large hills when I have my druthers. Yes, I am a grown-ass man.

The thing that really blew my mind about Sex and the City was how not haggard Chris Noth looked. You see that guy on “Law & Order” and he just looks tired as hell all the time, like he’s been up for three months. In the world of Carrie Bradshaw, that motherfucker glues himself together. Way to go, Chris Noth.

So the plot: four upwardly mobile Big Apple broads have relationship issues. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. One character lives in Los Angeles, and another one of the characters doesn’t really have any relationship issues – she has the perfect husband, family, house, and digestive track. You think there’s gonna be a wedding, then there isn’t. One of the women’s husbands cheats on her and they fight about it for the whole movie. You see the tip of some guy’s wang. You see all the main characters naked except for Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s had this “no nudity” clause in her contract since birth.

Yes, there is a scene where one character angrily throws a cell phone into the ocean. There is also a scene where the four women party to Run-D.M.C.’s “Walk This Way.” Run’s kids gotta eat!

Let’s rip off one of the greats now and look at those drive-in totals:

Gratuitous Jennifer Hudson. Several breasts. One poop joke. One precocious child. One severely Botoxed Candace Bergen. No explosions. No dead bodies. Martini Fu. Brooklyn Fu. Wedding Bouquet Fu. Willie Garson Fu.

I give it two and a half stars. Jim Bob says check it out.