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More Virutal Cobain Sacrelige

(or “Hey, Somebody Made That Famous Dead Guy Do A Bunch Of Funny Stuff In A Video Game!”)

While the following video in its entirety is pretty amazing, the first twenty seconds are beyond mind-fuckingly incredible. Kurt Cobain doing a Flavor Flav impression? Kurt Cobain swaying like a flower child to Billy Idol? I think I just had twelve orgasms.

Just when you think fake shemp Kurt isn’t taking this game seriously, homeboy forcefully rips into a goddamn Bon Jovi tune. Backing him up? A tween guitarist straight from the Disney Channel and a mohawked skeleton on drums. Jesus Christ, why don’t I own a video game system? I desperately want to live in the crazy, dream-like world of Guitar Hero 5 for the rest of my natural life.

I also got a nice chuckle out of the dual Kurts stomping around during “Sweating Bullets” (the skeleton’s playing an imaginary drum set in that one!). Man, the people who designed this game deserve a Presidential Medal of Freedom.