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Unsolicited Thoughts / Notes On Everybody Loves Our Town

– other books may summarize with great aplomb exactly what the music of Nirvana and Mudhoney meant to a generation but nowhere else will you find a more detailed account of the fistfight that ended Cat Butt

– Courtney Love is the Richard Nixon of grunge; can you imagine how powerful she’d be without the pettiness and the insecurities?

– I laughed when Natalie Portman died of a broken heart in Star Wars but I cried in this book when the same thing happened to Layne Staley

– speaking of Layne, the only grunge myth the author fails to bust, prove, or even address is the one where the Alice in Chains singer was ousted from “Celebrity Jeopardy!” for giving Alex Trebek the finger (actually I think this was disproven years ago but I want to keep the idea alive that Staley was an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the alleged subject of the question in question)

– according to Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain only disassociated himself from Nirvana’s game-changing Nevermind after its release because that was the cool “punk rock” thing to do, but also according to Chris Cornell you should wear breakaway shirts at all your concerts and rip them off dramatically even if it annoys the shit out of all your other band members

– Ben Shepherd is still pretty mad some people used to call his band “Frowngarden”

– the singer from Candlebox (who are from Seattle!) did not sleep with Madonna when he had the chance, something his then-wife admonished him for when Candlebox’s career went down the toilet (this woman and Mr. Candlebox are now divorced)

Everybody Loves Our Town presents a fairly complete and undeniably engrossing map of grunge from messy start to even messier finish; I only wish the book included a rebuttal from Glenn Danzig regarding the alleged $12,000 guarantee Jeff Ament claims Danzig’s band Samhain had for a show in Detroit in the mid-eighties

Alice in Chains Drinking Game

This game is meant to be played while watching Music Bank, the Alice in Chains video collection.

Take a sip every time…

- Layne Staley rolls his eyes back into his head

- Sean Kinney looks at the camera like he’s Fabio

– Jerry Cantrell and Mike Starr/Mike Inez headbang in unison

- film stock is projected on Layne Staley’s face

- the band appears in Claymation form

Finish your drink every time…


Layne’s goatee is braided

- you see Layne in a floppy leather hat

- a lemur is perched on a band member’s shoulder

- Jerry rocks so hard his hat falls off

– a stuffed animal is shown on fire

Chug an entire beer every time…

– you spot the three-legged dog from the cover of their self-titled album

- a real chimpanzee hugs someone

- a toy chimpanzee causes mayhem/inspires awe

– Jerry uses a guitar other than his white Stratocaster

- Sean plays drums in a trenchcoat

- a child is shown attacking another child with a hammer

Spray your fellow partiers with a nice sudsy brew every time you hear the theme from “Benny Hill” or any time you see a reference to “The Brady Bunch.”

Happy drinking and rock on!