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A Convenient Parallel Dimension Audiobook Plus Other News

The audiobook of A Convenient Parallel Dimension: How Ghostbusters Slimed Us Forever has been released! It’s available via Google Play (click here) and Apple Books (click here). Twelve engrossing hours narrated by the incredible Tim Dixon. What better way to drown out the ills of the world?

Of course you can still buy the silent, three dimensional version of ACPD and if you buy it directly from the publisher right now they’ll take 35% off the price with the code 22JOYSALE. Wow, not a bad deal. Click clicky!

The best deal of all is free, so ask your local library to get a few copies of A Convenient Parallel Dimension if they haven’t already. Support your local library! Support all libraries! They are vital to functioning communities!

Still on the fence about reading this book? Consider these critical appraisals. “A deeper dive into Ghostbusters than anything before,” says Chris Stewart, founder of long-running Ghostbusters news source Proton Charging. “I love this book like Winston loved New York!” raves Book Bits emcee Dave Kirby. Noted Ghostbusters fan / historian Alex Newborn also posted a very positive video review on his YouTube channel.

I’ve been on two podcasts to talk about ACPDEpisode 253 of People Are The Enemy and Episode 149 of The Hungry Trilobyte Podcast. Big thanks to Andy Mascola and Aaron Bossig, the respective hosts of these shows. Both are awesome dudes.

Well, that’s the update for now. Thanks to everyone for your interest. I hope bustin’ always makes you feel good.

The Ultimate Final This Music Leaves Stains F.A.Q. (For Now) [UPDATED 11/7/14]

A compilation of queries folks keep asking. If I’ve missed one, shoot me an e-mail at the address listed above.

Q: Where can we buy this book?

A: This Music Leaves Stains is available via Amazon and also via the publisher. It is not available via me or my blog.

Q: Where can we library this book?

A: Thank you for using library as a verb. Worldcat.org keeps a relatively up-to-date listing of which bibliotecas around the globe carry TMLS. Notable institutions include the Rock n’ Roll HOF Library & Archives, the AUC Library in Cairo, the Bavarian State Library in München, the BnF in Paris, and Walla Walla Community College.

Q: Where the fudge are all the pictures?

A: Here. A budget was not in place to license all the photos I wanted to include (photographers like to get paid when you put their stuff in a book).

Q: But didn’t you get an advance or something with this book deal? Why didn’t you use that money, you greedy dollar-grubbing turd?

A: Don’t believe everything you see on all those glamorous prime time writer dramas. Rowman Littlefield is an academic publisher; in lieu of some fat check upfront I got creative autonomy and sweet sweet sales royalties.

Q: Kinda low page count, huh?

A: I turned in a 240-ish page manuscript. The powers that be shrunk the font down (without excising any text) for whatever reason. Maybe to save some trees? You know, it’s not the number of pages, it’s what you do with them.

Q: If I see you in the street and I have the book with me will you sign it?

A: Of course. I never thought I’d make something as cool as this book and I’m overjoyed that anyone would sink any kind of interest into it. If you buy it in any kinda format I’ll sign it! I’ll sign your e-reader, I don’t even care!

Q: Any response from the Misfits since the book’s release?

A: Bobby Steele posted on Facebook that he felt “vindicated” by some of what I wrote. That made / makes me feel great. Everything else I hear is secondhand, so I can’t vouch for total accuracy.

Q: When can we expect an updated edition?

A: Probably in a few years. It’s up to the publisher to determine the best time to re-release the book to cover all the stuff that’s happened with the band since the first edition.

Q: Will This Music Leaves Stains ever be available as an audio book?

A: Only if I can get someone really cool to read it, like Bernie Casey. Bernie Casey’s into the Misfits, right?

More F.A.Q.s RE: Misfits Book

Q: When’s your book tour?

A: October-ish, when the softcover version is released. That’s the versh that’ll be in various fine book retailers for a regular book sum. Between now and then I will probably make sporadic appearances at libraries and colleges (if they’ll have me) to thump the hardcover, but the real “book tour” where I go to book stores, coffee shops, and Wal-Mart parking lots will happen in the fall.

Q: WHERE’S your book tour?

A: Definitely up and/or down the east coast. Further west to any major metropolitan area I can afford to reach.

Q: Is your book on the Kindle or the Nook yet?

A: No, but I’m trying to find out this week when that’ll happen. Something in those veins is apparently in the works. Nothing else can be confirmed at this time, unfortunately.

Q: Can I find your book at my local library?

A: You might be able to find it at your local college / university library. According to all-knowing Internet biblioteca sources, This Music Leaves Stains is currently on the shelves at UMass Amherst’s W.E.B. Du Bois Library, U of Maryland’s Theodore R. McKeldin Library, the library at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in beautiful downtown Cleveland, U of Texas’s Fine Arts Library, U of Iowa Libraries, and U of California Riverside. Book repositories at Brown, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Indiana U, and Texas A&M have all allegedly ordered it.

Internationally, I’m told TMLS has made it to three libraries in Australia: Melbourne’s Box Hill, Sydney’s Canterbury City Council, and New South Wales’s Sutherland Shire. McGill U in Canada also claims they’ve ordered it. Sorry, Europe. No penetration yet.

I’m sure more institutions of academia are requesting my awesome Misfits book every day. Check with your local college / uni lie-berry. If they don’t have it, ask them to order it. If they won’t order it, well, I don’t know. Rent your Dustin Hoffman VHS tapes somewhere else!

Q: James R. Greene Jr? What does the “R” stand for?

A: It stands for someone made an oopsie inputting my name into a database somewhere. I don’t use my middle initial on the professional tip. Keep that in mind, though, when you’re asking around about This Music Leaves Stains; some listings have the “R.” For the record, my middle initial is D, and it stands for DEFFEST EMCEE IN THE GAME. No, it stands for Dennis.

Q: If I buy the hardcover will you sign it?

A: If you see me somewhere, of course. I never ever thought I’d make something as cool as this book and I’m overjoyed that anyone would sink any kind of interest into it. If you buy it in any kinda format I’ll sign it! I’ll sign your e-reader, I don’t even care!