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Images On Blog May Appear Larger / Smaller Than Reality

WordPress is mucking about with their code today, so pictures on JG2Land of Mark Harmon and Dave Mustaine may temporarily appear distorted. Please forgive the inconvenience. I’m told it’s a temporary issue.

“I Was Expecting More Pale And Pierced.”

That’s what the publicity guy for This Music Leaves Stains said when I turned in the photo at right as my official author image. First of all, I think I’m shockingly pale for someone who went to college in Florida. Secondly, just because I wrote a book about the Misfits doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally dress like an extra in Summer School (occasionally, every day—look, let’s not split hairs).

I love Earth A.D. but I’m not allergic to colors. Let’s smash hurtful stereotypes like these so future generations can live free (and not die hard).

P.S. – This photo was taken by Angela Dingee.

Life Is Unfair

When Mark Harmon wears a Hawaiian shirt and doesn’t comb his hair, he’s the Sexiest Man Alive. When I do it, I’m just a fat slob. What gives, America?

P.S. I like how they put the year in parenthesis, lest anyone fly off the handle RE: Mark Harmon being the sexiest man of any era. No way is Harmy hotter than 1960 Robert Conrad!