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JG2’s Misfits Book Now Haz Photo Tumblr, Film At 11

I believe I’ve mentioned once or twice before how my original vision for This Music Leaves Stains included festooning the thing with tons of Misfits-related photography but in the end various oddball reasons prevented me from doing so. Sad, but I’ve turned lemons into lemonade: I now present to you This Music Leaves Stains: The Photo Tumblr, a blog I will update from now until October (when the softcover comes out) with all sorts of annotated Misfits imagery. G take a look if you’re interested and see what Jerry Only looked like in high school, or how hot Danzig used to be in sleeveless tees tucked into his dungarees!

You Know What’s Awesome?

This photo:


I defy you not to stare at it for hours on end, contemplating what each subject is thinking and/or saying.