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Minkey Boodle? Minkey Boodle

The Internet returned to my apartment early last night, saving me the indignity of having to purchase a second cup of coffee at the shop down the street to justify my several hours of wi-fi squatting. I know you were all very concerned about that. Ol’ Whitey Corngood couldn’t dick around on Facebook from home for a few hours and had to leave the warm sanctity his fucking bed. Oh, the humanity! Don’t worry, I’ve put some money in an envelope that I plan to send to Africa tomorrow RE: starving children.

In this week’s B story, Jim Greene dressed as Mike D circa License to Ill for Halloween Monday and was saddened when no one recognized him on his trip to the Subway sandwich shop. Yes, the majority of what you see in the picture to the left was recycled from my Run-D.M.C. costume a few years back. 1980s rappers: They be wearin’ chains and hats!

I’ve had better Halloween duds, but I’ve also had far worse. At least no one mistook me for Spring Break Rocky Balboa. Yo Adrian, some stupid joke about Florida not having cheesesteaks!