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Halloween Is Saved

Target finally rolled out the monster cereals yesterday (at least the one in Lake Mary, FL did) and, as you can see, now that I have my cardboard coffins of ghoul-themed sugar I’m happy as a clam.

The Boo Berry pictured was procured from Walgreens the same day I got my Yummy Mummy. Didn’t pick up the retro editions of those two ’cause I think I actually prefer the rebooted versions. Boo Berry’s new hat is more stylish than that 1920s thing he used to rock, and the Mummy…well, for lack of better phrasing, he just seems to have his shit more together this time around.

On his original packaging, the Mummy’s scratching his bandaged head with a perplexed look on his face, like, “Golly gee, I can’t believe I’m an undead cereal mascot!” The new Mummy is much more confident and in your face. He kinda scares me. “Hello, I’m an esteemed purveyor of tooth rot. Step to me and you’ll be sorry. Praise be to Tutankhamun.”

Thanks to my pal Devon for texting me the minute he spotted these whilst out shopping this afternoon. That’s true friendship.

Revenge Of The Curse Of The Return Of Fruity Yummy Mummy

Did I ever think I’d live long enough to see the return of Yummy Mummy to the General Mills monster cereal lineup? Of course not, but wonders never cease. Fruit Brute is allegedly back as well, but I’ve yet to find it anywhere. Yes, I know Target’s supposed to be selling all five in some retro collector’s pack. Tell that to the schmoe-hawks running Tar-jé here in sunny Florida.

In Target’s defense, this isn’t really a Halloween state. Maine or Kansas? Sure. The sunny shores of Daytona Beach? Well, listen, it’s hard to get a spooky vibe going at the dollar sandal shop. Too many palm trees, too much humidity. Haunted wet t-shirt contest? That’s never happened.

And no, Yummy Mummy was not originally orange cream flavored. Not a big orange cream guy but I’m obviously gonna give this fruit pharoh a shot. Wow me, Ra.